Who Wants the Last Few Spots to DTS?!

We’re almost at the 30-day mark and only have a few openings left!  I wanted to take this opportunity to recap what we’ve discussed about the event so far.

In previous years, we’ve focused on three main topics: Management, Collaboration, and Innovation.  The conversations would tend to be heavy on the Management and Collaboration side, so this year we decided to give Innovation the limelight.  That’s not to say we won’t discuss the other two topics, we certainly will, but in the context of innovation.  This shift in focus will prompt fresh discussion, so if you’ve attended before this is a great opportunity to jump back in.

In my experience, the best way to ensure you’re headed down the right path and on the leading edge as a design technology leader is to network and engage in valuable conversation with other design technology leaders.  DTS is where that happens.  And because we limit attendance to 40, it’s possible for everyone to participate in the conversation and provide a unique perspective.

The event is structured with pre-planned topics to help spark the discussion.  This year’s agenda is outlined below:

  • Welcome to Innovation! What is it (really)? – An opportunity to discuss what innovation is to each of us and, hopefully, come to consensus on how we define it for Design Technology.
  • What are they doing…? – A look at innovations in other industries and how we could apply or learn from them.
  • Ghosts of Innovations Past & the Future – What innovations have we seen in the past and how can we use that recognition to anticipate the future?
  • Technology & Innovation: In a relationship or just friends? – Design Technology and the platforms we have available to us have both advanced significantly and perhaps not at all. In any case we can “do” a lot more than we could a decade ago so why aren’t we happy? What do we need to innovate or where is Innovation required?
  • What should we be doing to help shape the future of our practice? – We’ve spent nearly a day discussing innovation in our industry, its past, its present and possible future; what does all of that potentially mean to people like “us” i.e. Design Technologist’s. What is/will our role be in the future as technology changes/ improves.

I’ve left each DTS event with many invaluable takeaways that I brought back to my firm, which we used to help guide us forward and be on the leading edge of design technology.  I’m certainly excited for this year’s discussion and I hope to see you there!

Just apply to attend DTS (you’ll receive a multi-event discount if you’re also attending BILT).  We’ll review the application and contact you about attendance.  Don’t wait until the last minute though, we only have a few spots left and we may reach capacity soon.

Registration Opens Soon!

Have you ever thought “I wish I had someone to talk to who understands what I’m dealing with”?  The Design Technology Summit is a great opportunity to collaborate with a room full of design technology leaders just like you… and registration is right around the corner!

We all have similar struggles, architecture and engineering alike.  It’s nice to get together with others who are experiencing those same struggles or have experienced them in the past and found a solution.  If you’re anything like me, it really helps to know you’re not alone.

If you haven’t attended DTS before, this is a great year to register.  We’ve modified the registration process and now anyone can apply to attend.  See Robert Manna’s blog post DTS New Year, New Faces, New Changes describing this and other exciting new changes.

DTS is full of high-level conversation that makes gears turn and sparks fly.  I can personally say I’ve come away from each summit with multiple ideas on how to improve our company workflows, as well as confirmation on the direction we should be headed.

If you’re a design technology leader in the Architecture and Engineering (AE) industry who has ideas to share and is looking to learn from others, then add your voice to the conversation at DTS 2017 in Toronto this summer!

Virtual Construction

It’s often tough to get the right people on the MEP project team when it comes to BIM. We’re all used to the typical Engineer, Designer, Drafter lineup but teams often neglect to consider design technology expertise.

It’s generally expected that drafters are the ones with modeling experience. They already know CAD… now teach them BIM and we’re good to go. Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy. It’s critical that members of the project team at all levels are well versed in BIM and have at least a minimum level of design knowledge.

Often (too often) I hear Engineers and Designers complain about not knowing what’s in the model. If a client calls with a question or concern, they open the model (or have a Drafter do it for them) and try to figure out what’s there and whether it needs to be fixed. Continue reading “Virtual Construction”