The Collaboration group update

Many are counting the days until the Design Technology Summit. By now you are well aware of this gathering of AEC technology and BIM leaders. This past week the collaboration group discussed the progress and next steps of a whitepaper on the topic of collaboration challenges, the status of “Project Gizmo”, and the remaining holes in the collaboration technology matrix. The next meeting will have an open discussion on collaboration trends and issues we are facing in our day-to-day. Meeting biweekly, the collaboration group aims to openly share the collective knowledge of design technology leaders with AEC design professionals and executives. We look to identify common collaborative challenges faced by dispersed design teams and then provide independent objective analysis of solutions so others can make informed decisions.

Seats at the summit are filling up. Come and participate. If you would like to become a member of the Design Technology Leaders Group please contact [email protected] and include your name, e-mail, title, company, company size, address (optional), company website and a brief response on “why you belong at DTS”?

RTC Design Technology Summit update

The fifth Design Technology Summit will be held at the Crystal Gateway Marriott, Washington DC on July 20 – 22 2015. – kicking off Monday Night with informal meet and greet reception, full day Tuesday and finishing on Wednesday afternoon.

DTS brings together professionals from large firms in the building Architecture and Engineering (AE) design industry who have a responsibility for managing and implementing design technology. DTS is a forum, a venue to discuss ideas – to share, to challenge, and to refine our thinking. The design world is a constantly evolving landscape driven by the adoption of BIM tools, availability of increased computing power, the ubiquity of mobile solutions and “always on” data access. These new paradigms challenge the traditional operations of AE firms and have resulted in a new domain of expertise at the intersection of technology and practice.

Attendance at DTS is by invitation only and limited to 40 registrants. We feel that his number will better foster an atmosphere of active and meaningful discussions between everyone.

• If you received an invitation, we are hopeful that you are able to join your fellow invitees.
• If you have questions feel free to contact [email protected]
• If you think you belong at this event, but did not receive an invitation, please email [email protected] to sign-up for future follow-up and communication (Please include your name, e-mail, title, company, company size, address (optional), company website and a brief response on “why you belong at DTS”?).

About the RTC Design Technology Summit

If you’re not familiar with the Design Technology Summit (DTS) now is your chance! DTS has three topic groups, Collaboration, Management, and Innovation. Each group’s focus was chosen by the members as a primary area of challenges that design technology leaders in the industry face. We like to make sure that the meetings are highly interactive as people share across a variety of organizational sizes and types.

During the summit, much discussion ensues in these topics as well as others. Each of the groups also continue to develop their projects which vary by group, some of which aim to be revealed or published this summer. The Summer session of the DTS will be held in Washington DC, prior to the Revit Technology Conference.

One more thing: in order to keep the interactive momentum during the summit going strong. Based on past experience we expect to get a great cross section of delegates. But in the process we’d like to keep delegate count limited in order to encourage discussion. As a result we’re limiting registration to the first 40 attendees.

So don’t wait – register today!

Architecture / Engineering Design Technologies – Are you up to speed?

Survey sampleIn less than thirty days a group of some of the best Design Technology minds in North America will meet to discuss the challenges and successes they face as managers, collaborators and innovators of design technology for Architecture and Engineering companies. With the economy trending in positive direction architecture and engineering firms are busier than ever and design technology managers are under increasing pressure to maintain competitiveness in an increasingly technologically-complex marketplace. Ramping up technology is not just limited to BIM. The increasing challenges of collaborating between multiple firms, the management of a wide menu of tools (software & hardware) the choice of mobile platforms, security of cloud services are facing AE firms as decisions and challenges in the next days, weeks, months and years.

The Design Technology Summit provides the opportunity for Design Technology Directors and Managers to meet and discuss these topics with fellow experts in the industry. DTS is where one can learn and find solutions to challenges you are currently facing or surely face in the near future. Technology is not the competitive advantage of designers, rather it is a platform where a broader understanding and network of knowledge, provides greater opportunity for success and growth.

Interested? Does your firm belong at DTS? E-mail [email protected]. Visit our event webpage for more information about the February meeting in San Diego and visit our website for more information about the group.