Toronto is a sophisticated, cosmopolitan city and a gateway to a vast and diverse region including the awesome Niagara Falls, and neighboring cities of Mississauga and Brampton – each of which have a compelling combination of natural escapes, Canadian heritage, ethnic diversity and a growing urban core with big-city amenities like shopping, arts and dining. The city itself sprawls along Lake Ontario’s northwestern shoreline and is a dynamic metropolis of soaring skyscrapers and abundant green spaces. Located no more than a 90 minute flight for over half the U.S and Canada, Toronto is the perfect location for the next Desig Technology Summit (DTS).


Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, the Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto is a highlight of the downtown region. Centrally located to many key attractions around Toronto and only a 17 minute drive from Toronto Pearson International Airport. Find out more on Things to Do In Toronto here.

Westin Harbour Castle is a 10 minute walk from the beach. This large hotel offers well-appointed, luxurious accommodation, expansive indoor pool that has an adjoining seasonal sundeck with roof-top tennis courts and fitness centre. This property is also pet friendly.


This year’s DTS is being held across two plus days – kicking off Tuesday afternoon, running through Wednesday. DTS brings together professionals from large firms in the Architecture and Engineering (AE) design industry who have a responsibility for managing and implementing design technology. DTS is a forum; a venue to discuss ideas – to share, to challenge, and to refine our thinking. The design world is a constantly evolving landscape driven by the adoption of BIM tools, the availability of increased computing power, the ubiquity of mobile solutions, and “always on” data access. These new paradigms challenge the traditional operations of AE firms and have resulted in a new domain of expertise at the intersection of technology and practice.

DTS is the environment for those professionals, in the interest of sharing, to workshop together, to learn from each other, and to be informed about new and emerging technologies. DTS is intended to grow and evolve over time, and will strive to provide a consistent and accessible venue for architects, engineers, and related AEC industry professionals to address technology, business, and the critical juncture between them. The goal of the summit is to arrive at an agnostic solution to strategic changes in our technology and business strategy that allows design firms to remain relevant and successful in the 21st century.
The focus of the summit is on discussion sessions and more importantly, the issues that challenge us in our day to day work. We all have challenges, and most are not unique. Maybe you’re struggling with collaborating internationally; perhaps you don’t know how to balance research and innovation dollars against billable work; or your design and delivery process lags behind technology advancement. DTS is an opportunity to discuss those challenges and collectively work toward common solutions.

Attendees are encouraged to participate and not merely attend. All sessions will be recorded for audio and dictated with attribution to the contributor. Meeting minutes, audio recordings and materials presented at the summit will be shared with all attendees. Material will continue to remain available as we build a repository of ideas, solutions and best practices.


Attendance at DTS is by invitation only, and is limited to 40 registrants. We feel that this number fosters a better atmosphere of active and meaningful discussions between all participants.



Heidi Lam, Event Manager

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Robert Manna, Chairman, Global Sponsorship Manager

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