Design Technology Summit

The winter Design Technology Summit continued a series of interdisciplinary design meetings organized by the DTS committee that was collocated with the Vancouver Revit Technology Conference in July 2013.  The main topics for the summit were related to collaboration, management, and innovation.

Over three days, approximately 35 architecture and engineering professionals along with a few folks from manufacturing, formed connections with other like-minded professionals, shared ideas and knowledge and learned from their experiences.  Break-out groups tackled specific issues aiming to identify effective management techniques, collaboration methods and innovation strategies.

DTS Collaboration

The previous work session in July provided the starting point for an open discussion about varying levels of collaboration and the inherent problems associated with interdisciplinary work.  The value of these discovery sessions was in the knowledge gained by actively engaging in internal, external and global collaboration discussions, in the interest of removing barriers that have hindered our ability to effectively collaborate.

A collaboration subcommittee was formalized for the February summit, specifically focused on the relationship between technology and process.  The goal of this group is to foster cross-cultural understanding amongst design professionals and to cultivate a common approach to understanding how to resolve collaboration problems.  Based on the discussions in the subcommittee during the day long work session, we realized that technology and process would benefit from further investigation by their own sub groups.

The Technology subgroup plans to develop a technology matrix and to deliver a comparison analysis at the next DTS session in Chicago. The goal of this effort is provide a concise comparison of different project team configurations, data sharing and virtualization strategies.

The Process subgroup plans on developing a web portal that will allow individuals to select the best performing technology option from a series of questions based on the content of the technology matrix.  The aim of the web portal is to provide a decision path that can potentially answer questions about the cost and method of collaboration technology.

Design technology Summit June 2014 Update

March 19th, 2014 | Posted by Steve Stafford in News

“I’m not a teacher: only a fellow traveler of whom you asked the way. I pointed ahead – ahead of myself as well as you.” ― George Bernard Shaw

RTC North America’s third Design Technology Summit (an invitation only event) will occur on Monday June 16th, 2014 and Tuesday June 17th, 2014, just before the main RTC conference in Schaumburg, Illinois (near Chicago). If you attended either of our previous two sessions we hope you’ll come again to continue the conversation.

This Summit will be an opportunity for the small groups that were formed at our last session to discuss the progress they’ve made on their work to date and lead a discussion on their drafts and conversations. Each small group’s focus is:

• Collaboration: Internal, External, Global
• Management: Culture, Technology, Business Alignment, Education
• Innovation: Research, Implementation, New Technology

If you are reading about this event for the first time, keep in mind it is by invitation only and we only accept 40 registrations. We want to foster a small group atmosphere of meaningful discussions and experience sharing. If you have not attended before, have not been invited yet and wish to participate please write to our Secretary. Naturally prior attendees are given priority but if openings become available we’ll be happy to include you.

Each previous attendee will each receive an email with registration details. We hope each of you will return to share your challenges and ideas with your peers. Please use the relevant links in your personal email to respond.

All sessions will be recorded for audio and dictated with attribution to the contributor. Meeting minutes, audio recordings and materials presented at the summit will be shared with all attendees. Everyone is expected to actively participate. Full details, including registration and accommodation costs can be found on the event website. However, just remember, it is only possible to register once you’ve received an invitation to attend.

We are also actively seeking sponsorship of our meetings to help defray attendee cost. If you are interested in sponsoring (or have any other comments/questions) please write to our Secretary and include the necessary contact information.

We look forward to seeing you in Chicago this summer!

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Chicago 2014 header

The third Design Technology Summit will be held at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel on 16 & 17 June 2014.

Note: As this event is by invitation only, you will not have the ability to navigate to the online registration portal from this site. Please refer to your emailed invitation. If you are unable to locate this, please contact the RTC Secretary.

The Design Technology Summit (DTS) is being held across two plus days – kicking off Monday afternoon, running through Tuesday, and with continuing meeting space available on Wednesday for the keen small group collaborators. DTS brings together professionals from large firms in the Architecture and Engineering (AE) design industry who have a responsibility for managing and implementing design technology. DTS is a forum; a venue to discuss ideas – to share, to challenge, and to refine our thinking. The design world is a constantly evolving landscape driven by the adoption of BIM tools, the availability of increased computing power, the ubiquity of mobile solutions, and “always on” data access. These new paradigms challenge the traditional operations of AE firms and have resulted in a new domain of expertise at the intersection of technology and practice.

DTS is the environment for those professionals, in the interest of sharing, to workshop together, to learn from each other, and to be informed about new and emerging technologies. DTS is intended to grow and evolve over time, and will strive to provide a consistent and accessible venue for architects, engineers, and related AEC industry professionals to address technology, business, and the critical juncture between them. The goal of the summit is to arrive at an agnostic solution to strategic changes in our technology and business strategy that allows design firms to remain relevant and successful in the 21st century.
The focus of the summit is on discussion sessions and more importantly, the issues that challenge us in our day to day work. We all have challenges, and most are not unique. Maybe you’re struggling with collaborating internationally; perhaps you don’t know how to balance research and innovation dollars against billable work; or your design and delivery process lags behind technology advancement. DTS is an opportunity to discuss those challenges and collectively work toward common solutions.

Attendees are encouraged to participate and not merely attend. All sessions will be recorded for audio and dictated with attribution to the contributor. Meeting minutes, audio recordings and materials presented at the summit will be shared with all attendees. Material will continue to remain available as we build a repository of ideas, solutions and best practices.

The Summer DTS will be focused on reviewing, soliciting feedback, and refining the draft deliverables commenced during the Winter DTS sessions. Each working group (Collaboration, Management and Innovation) will meet to review its’ work, to gather feedback and ideas from the broad group, to solicit input from new attendees, and to prepare material for presentation at the Revit Technology Conference in the latter part of the week. After the event, each small group will be tasked with taking their draft and turning it into a publishing ready document for distribution to the broader industry.

Attendance at DTS is by invitation only, and is limited to 40 registrants. We feel that this number fosters a better atmosphere of active and meaningful discussions between all participants.

  • If you received an invitation, we are hopeful that you are able to join your fellow invitees.
  • If you have questions feel free to contact [email protected]
  • If you think you belong at this event, but did not receive an invitation, please email [email protected] to sign-up for future follow-up and communication (Please include your name, e-mail, title, company, company size, address (optional), company website and a brief response on “why you belong at DTS”?).