Reality changes… you’ve got to keep up

Virtual reality has entered the main stream. Clients are asking for it. After decades of being the odd stepchild of rendering and the world wide web, virtual reality has come into its own thanks to developments in mobile and supporting technologies.  Some of you may remember the introduction of VRML in 1994 and the promise of Web3d a few years later. Prior to that, Morton Helig devised a multimodal stereoscopic machine called Sensorama, immersing the user into a virtual world for entertainment. Today, Design industries are seeing much value in virtual and augmented reality. For the healthcare industry, VR has proven to be invaluable and generally a real crowd pleaser. For instance our staff walk around existing Hospital Emergency Departments with our clients and their staff, displaying the virtualized renovations on iPads and Cardboard viewers. Decisions to design questions are quickly provided and feedback is ample. Miscommunication is minimized with these tools and attendees leave with a clear understanding of the designs presented. Value.
I look forward to discussing VR and AR with colleagues at the Design Technology Summit this summer in Toronto. Being a forum of leaders of large firms, DTS has got the answers you are looking for and the experience to tap as you venture into new avenues of design technologies.

The upcoming Summit looks to cross-pollinate with individuals and expertise outside of our industry, to inspire ideas and solutions to challenges you face. Discussion of your firm’s design-technology challenges is part of every Summit. Join the community of Design Technology Leaders this summer in Toronto and take a step towards driving increased value, new client opportunities or better quality in your firm.

Registration Opens Soon!

Have you ever thought “I wish I had someone to talk to who understands what I’m dealing with”?  The Design Technology Summit is a great opportunity to collaborate with a room full of design technology leaders just like you… and registration is right around the corner!

We all have similar struggles, architecture and engineering alike.  It’s nice to get together with others who are experiencing those same struggles or have experienced them in the past and found a solution.  If you’re anything like me, it really helps to know you’re not alone.

If you haven’t attended DTS before, this is a great year to register.  We’ve modified the registration process and now anyone can apply to attend.  See Robert Manna’s blog post DTS New Year, New Faces, New Changes describing this and other exciting new changes.

DTS is full of high-level conversation that makes gears turn and sparks fly.  I can personally say I’ve come away from each summit with multiple ideas on how to improve our company workflows, as well as confirmation on the direction we should be headed.

If you’re a design technology leader in the Architecture and Engineering (AE) industry who has ideas to share and is looking to learn from others, then add your voice to the conversation at DTS 2017 in Toronto this summer!

The Next Must Have BIM Plugin Software. You Won’t Believe What it Does!


As an AEC industry professional you know of and have experience with at least one of the primary BIM authoring tools such as Revit, ARCHICAD, Vectorworks, or Bentley. We look to these tools because they are better than what came before. BIM is currently the predominant project delivery method and foundation of the future of our rapidly changing industry. But there is opportunity to make your design and documentation process more efficient. Continue reading “The Next Must Have BIM Plugin Software. You Won’t Believe What it Does!”

The 411 on DTS Registrations!

Can you believe registration for RTC’s North American events is just around the corner! Phil recently blogged about some of the challenges surrounding the registration process for North America due to its popularity and number of unique events all occurring in just a single week!

To that end I wanted to reinforce that you will be able to register for DTS and RTC at the same time this year, as well as make your accommodation booking at once; however, because DTS is invite only, your registration for the DTS portion will only be approved if you are already on the DTS list.

Want to be on the DTS list, because you belong? Contact [email protected]

Has your e-mail changed or have you changed jobs, but still belong at DTS? Please contact [email protected]

As we have mentioned in prior blog posts we want to use DTS 2016 to focus on strategic conversations about topics that are relevant to you, Design Technology Leaders. The event site includes our current agenda and some information on our planned topics and goals. Our committee members have been writing blog posts on topics that we believe could engender some provocative, useful and interesting conversation:

We look forward to seeing you at DTS! Registering early will give you a voice in shaping the exact topics to be discussed. Remember our attendance is capped, so please sign-up in advance!

DTS Agenda

The last few DTS posts have dealt with some topics which have engendered either comments or tweets, which is great! We plan to keep up with the thought provoking posts however this week we’re posting our planned agenda, subject to change and refinement of course. One of the things we’ve heard time and again is that in order to justify attending DTS you need more information about what we’ll actually be doing. This year the committee has outlined some of the discussions topics in advance (for the first day) but we’re leaving the second day open. Our plan is that the first day’s discussions will be broad, without too much depth, we anticipate that collectively we will decide on more detailed discussions for the second day, based on the first day.

DTS agenda

All told we have more than nine hours of opportunity to discuss the most pressing and strategic issues at hand for Design Technology. We hope that the thought provoking posts that we’ve had (with more to come) will be enough to whet your appetite to sign up for DTS when registration opens!

See you at DTS